Africa Power and Politics


The APPP research consortium worked to identify ways of exercising power and doing politics that work for development. Bringing together researchers in France, Ghana, Niger, Uganda, the UK and the USA, APPP questioned conventional ideas about what 'good governance' should mean in the context of sub-Saharan Africa.  Download APPP's final synthesis report 

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 Business, Politics and the State in Africa: Challenging the Orthodoxies on Growth and Transformation by Tim Kelsall

Governance for Development in Africa by Diana Cammack and David Booth

Governance for Development in Africa: Solving Collective Action Problems by David Booth and Diana Cammack 


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Initiating and sustaining developmental regimes in Africa

Examining the policy and institutional features of emerging developmental regimes in Africa.

Two ground-breaking international research programmes, each with a five-year track record, have launched a new collaboration.

Initiating and sustaining developmental regimes in Africa brings together Tracking Development, led by the African Studies Centre in Leiden, Netherlands together with the University of Leiden’s leading specialists in Southeast Asian studies, and Africa Power and Politics, led by the Overseas Development Institute, London.

Asian Tigers, African Lions: Comparing the Development Performance of Southeast Asia and Africa

Contributions from the Tracking Development project, edited by Bernard Berendsen, Ton Dietz, Henk Schulte Nordholt and Roel van der Veen 

The richer harvest: economic development in Africa and Southeast Asia compared

The 'Tracking Development' study 2006 - 2011, by Dirk Vlasblom  

Developmental Regimes in Africa (DRA) explores the policies and governance conditions that are needed if Africa is to match the economic and social achievements of Southeast Asia. It stimulates debate on the vital implications of research findings on this issue for the future of development in Africa. DRA is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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How the international system hinders the consolidation of developmental regimes in Africa
Agricultural dynamics and food security trends in Tanzania
Agricultural dynamics and food security trends in Uganda
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