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21 Feb 2013 A tough year for African leaders
When pro-growth policies and property arrangements are closely associated with just one leader, the demise of that individual is likely to induce damaging uncertainty in investors. So how do states avoid the succession trap?
7 Jan 2013 Business, Politics and the State in Africa: Challenging the Orthodoxies on Growth and Transformation
New book and blog by Tim Kelsall
8 Nov 2012 ODI event on 23 October 2012: A smarter approach to governance in Africa
A round table discussion on the APPP synthesis report
11 Apr 2012 How democracy came through in Malawi's succession
Diana Cammack
30 Mar 2012 Initiating and sustaining developmental regimes in Africa:
Findings from two international research programmes
20 Mar 2012 New international research group challenges thinking on African regimes
20 March 2012
16 Feb 2012 New Working Paper: Local governance: the delivery of four public goods in three Nigérienne communes, JP Olivier de Sardan
APPP Working Paper 21
8 Feb 2012 New Policy Brief: Support to local problem-solving: Lessons from peri-urban Malawi, Diana Cammack
APPP Policy Brief 6, February 2012
2 Feb 2012 New APPP policy brief: Improving maternal health when resources are limited: Safe motherhood in rural Rwanda, V. Chambers
With contributions from APPP senior researcher and country leader Frederick Golooba-Mutebi and APPP Rwandan research assistants Yvonne Habiyonizeye, Jean-Claude Mugunga and Edward Munyaburanga.
23 Jan 2012 New research report: Peri-urban governance and the delivery of public goods in Malawi 2009-2011, Diana Cammack
Report available to download

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Going to market in Southern Tanzania - Tim Kelsall