A guide to APPP publications:

  • Discussion Papers are concerned with conceptual and methodological issues arising in the design or conduct of APPP research.
  • Working Papers are article-length analytical contributions based on empirical research in one or more of the programme's research streams. 
  • Research Reports are longer, empirically-based contributions edited to the same standard as Working Papers and Discussion Papers. 
  • Background Papers make available in less processed form the detailed research findings and analysis disseminated in APPP Working Papers or Research Reports. 
  • Policy Briefs summarise the policy implications of research supported by the programme.

APPP publications are free to download here. APPP research results are also disseminated via externally edited journal articles, books, consultant reports, opinion pieces and blogs: see our news page or sign up to APPP's RSS feed.

Schoolchildren, Ethiopia - ©ODI, Antony Robbins