Ethiopia APPP Information
EADI/DSA York Conference Sep 11 APPP Presentations 'Institutionalising developmental leadership at the national level'
Kelsall Tim; Asante Kojo; Booth David
Oct 2011 English: Download (MS Powerpoint 680Kb)
94086fc11e920fa0d304f0d0ad86414d_list APPP Discussion Paper 2
Institutions, power and policy outcomes in Africa
Hyden Goran
Jun 2008 English: Download (PDF 776Kb)
8325973bbe297357235d9f24889e0a95_list APPP Research Report 2
Rethinking business & politics in Ethiopia
Vaughan Sarah; Gebremichael Mesfin
Aug 2011 English: Download (PDF 618Kb)
Development as a collective action problem -