94086fc11e920fa0d304f0d0ad86414d_list APPP Discussion Paper 2
Institutions, power and policy outcomes in Africa
Hyden Goran
Jun 2008 English: Download (PDF 776Kb)
D800e18cc96722a48a48f834c776b7df_list APPP Discussion Paper 1
Going with the grain in African Development?
Kelsall Tim
Jun 2008 English: Download (PDF 634Kb)
317e815a1c6cd02526e03c59d0ee6747_list DRA Policy Brief 1
Policy for development in Africa: Learning from Southeast Asia
Henley David; Donge Jan Kees van
Mar 2012 English: Download (PDF 1009Kb)
01c24552bc757438545153ff32a4fd72_list DRA Working Paper 3
Developmental Ambitions in Indonesia and Nigeria
Ahmad Helmy Fuady
Jul 2013 English: Download (PDF 412Kb)
Vendeur d'eau à Balleyara Niger -