Rwanda APPP Information
EADI/DSA York Conference Sep 11 APPP Presentations 'Institutionalising developmental leadership at the national level'
Kelsall Tim; Asante Kojo; Booth David
Oct 2011 English: Download (MS Powerpoint 680Kb) APPP Information
EADI/DSA York Sep 11 Conference APPP Presentations 'Rooting institutions in local realities'
Booth David; Golooba-Mutebi Frederick; Cross Charlotte; Brobbey Victor
Oct 2011 English: Download (MS Powerpoint 4818Kb)
94086fc11e920fa0d304f0d0ad86414d_list APPP Discussion Paper 2
Institutions, power and policy outcomes in Africa
Hyden Goran
Jun 2008 English: Download (PDF 776Kb)
D800e18cc96722a48a48f834c776b7df_list APPP Discussion Paper 1
Going with the grain in African Development?
Kelsall Tim
Jun 2008 English: Download (PDF 634Kb)
D93efab0b600c73e91ba622bbd373167_list External Publication
ODI Briefing Paper 74, Delivering maternal health: Why is Rwanda doing better than Malawi, Niger and Uganda? V. Chambers and D. Booth, May 2012
Booth David; Chambers Victoria
Jun 2012 English: Download (PDF 596Kb)
E780f47945a0cca18e085f2a37402fd5_list External Publication
Working Paper 038, Policy for agriculture and horticulture in Rwanda: A different political economy? By David Booth and Frederick Golooba-Mutebi
Booth David; Golooba-Mutebi Frederick
Jun 2012 English: Download (PDF 497Kb)
7e2c6862ba5a809f2c0057fee3c0b4da_list APPP Policy Brief 5
Improving maternal health when resources are limited- Safe motherhood in rural Rwanda
Chambers Victoria
Feb 2012 English: Download (PDF 2536Kb)
4c60d8a3b1a7b9debe4e4eb8ff0b70c7_list APPP Policy Brief 2
Development patrimonialism?
Kelsall Tim
Jun 2011 English: Download (PDF 684Kb)
Cbb77237e468bb410099dd8915e1f9fb_list APPP Research Report 4
Safe motherhood in rural Rwanda
Chambers Victoria; Golooba-Mutebi Frederick
Mar 2012 English: Download (PDF 2066Kb)
274c5704bbe30a761ce779ec4b15ed1d_list APPP Working Paper 16
Developmental patrimonialism? The case of Rwanda
Booth David; Golooba-Mutebi Frederick
Mar 2011 English: Download (PDF 907Kb)
43bd05477f092421662d340025b77bcf_list APPP Working Paper 13
Towards a theory of local governance and public goods' provision in sub-Saharan Africa
Booth David
Aug 2010 English: Download (PDF 331Kb)
01cda5135e3f5ea6fea9a956fce95008_list APPP Working Paper 9
Developmental patrimonialism
Kelsall Tim; Booth David
Jul 2010 English: Download (PDF 331Kb)
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