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APPP 6 April 2011 Seminar Presentation
Booth, David; Crook, Richard
Apr 2011 English: Download (MS Powerpoint 617Kb)
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APPP Local Justice Ghana ADR workshop summary report July 2011
Crook Richard
Oct 2011 English: Download (PDF 17Kb)
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APPP Report Seminar 6 April 2011, ODI London
Apr 2011 English: Download (PDF 100Kb)
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APPP Research streams
Feb 2009 English: Download (PDF 836Kb)
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DIIS International Conference on Access to Justice and Security
Dec 2010 English: Download (PDF 78Kb) APPP Information
EADI/DSA York Conference Sep 11 APPP Presentations 'Institutionalising developmental leadership at the national level'
Kelsall Tim; Asante Kojo; Booth David
Oct 2011 English: Download (MS Powerpoint 680Kb) APPP Information
EADI/DSA York Sep 11 Conference APPP Presentations 'Rooting institutions in local realities'
Booth David; Golooba-Mutebi Frederick; Cross Charlotte; Brobbey Victor
Oct 2011 English: Download (MS Powerpoint 4818Kb)
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Governance for Development in Africa
David Booth and Diana Cammack
Dec 2013 English: Download (PDF 0Kb)
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IDLO International Conference on Legal and Judicial Development Assistance
Sep 2010 English: Download (PDF 52Kb)
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IDS Bulletin Volume 42 Number 2 March 2011
Mar 2011 English: Download (PDF 280Kb)
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LASDEL Summary report on training workshop of the new elected mayors in Niger
Amadou, Djibo
Nov 2011 English: Download (PDF 261Kb)
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Local Justice workshop - press clippings Accra, Daily Graphic
May 2010 English: Download (PDF 365Kb)
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Meeting report of brainstorm Session organised jointly by SID and the two umbrella organisations of Dutch NGOs, PSO and PARTOS
Jan 2011 English: Download (PDF 463Kb)
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Meeting summary Accra, Ghana, April 3-4 2013: Political Economy of Inclusive Development: An African Perspective
Nicholas Awortwi and David Booth
May 2013 English: Download (PDF 458Kb)
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Presentation Democratization and the Political Economy of Agricultural Policy in Africa
Colin Poulton
Jan 2013 English: Download (PDF 190Kb)
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Presentation Economic transformation and agriculture: Southeast Asian experiences
David Henley and Ahmad Helmy Fuady
Jan 2013 English: Download (PDF 8667Kb)
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Presentation Rwanda Agricultural Sector and its Impact on Food Security and Economy
J.J. Mbonigaba Muhinda
Jan 2013 English: Download (PDF 5435Kb) APPP Information
Presentation: Emerging findings, Cotton sector reforms by Renata Serra, 2011
Serra Renata
Dec 2011 English: Download (MS Powerpoint 430Kb)
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Résumé sur l'atelier de formation du LASDEL pour les élus locaux Nigériens
Amadou, Djibo
Nov 2011 French: Download (PDF 234Kb)
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Rethinking Education in the Sahel chapter abstract Leonardo A. Villalón - June 2012
Villalón Leonardo
May 2012 English: Download (PDF 46Kb)
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Third lecture in this year’s series organised by the Netherlands chapter of the Society for International Development (SID)
Booth, David
Jan 2011 English: Download (PDF 320Kb)
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Beyond Gleneagles and Accra: Smart aid for African development
Nov 2008 English: Download (PDF 304Kb)
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The Choice
Kwamamlaka, Neema
Dec 2010 English: Download (PDF 165Kb)
Vendors tout their wares outside Accra's Kaneshi market - Vikki Chambers