Working Papers

029eb3f504c90a7501c7317b089c4b8b_list APPP Working Paper 27
Understanding organisational performance in the City of Kampala
Stelman M. Ursula
Nov 2012 English: Download (PDF 254Kb)
Ee99fb18da62c235975fbe7698d6d143_list APPP Working Paper 26
Rethinking citizen voice: The case of radio call-ins in Accra, Ghana
Edem E. Selormey
Aug 2012 English: Download (PDF 312Kb)
9f0ff11e91aef0d330b8a3c554a19c43_list APPP Working Paper 25
Alternative dispute resolution and the Magistrate's Courts in Ghana
Crook C. Richard
Jul 2012 English: Download (PDF 177Kb)
Bc1f32e32da1b078225c08dba15dcafc_list APPP Working Paper 24
Beyond Farmers' taxation: A second-best perspective on cotton sector reforms
Serra Renata
Jun 2012 English: Download (PDF 412Kb)
433b85075c55de5537e95869ecafb368_list APPP Working Paper 23
Motivation des dirigeants et trajectoires politiques: Comparaison de la réforme du secteur cotonnier dans quatre pays africains
Serra Renata
Jun 2012 French: Download (PDF 128Kb)
0321efbb65d3ea6029ce827a54c47ce9_list APPP Working Paper 23
Policy-makers' incentives and policy trajectories: Comparing cotton sector reform in four African countries
Serra Renata
May 2012 English: Download (PDF 229Kb)
3eabab3ad7c4df598044d9aea548075f_list APPP Working Paper 22
Muslim public schools in post-conflict D.R Congo
Leinweber Ashley E.
May 2012 English: Download (PDF 213Kb)
D0fc405068cf0fc8516800d7529e7abd_list APPP Working Paper 21
Gouvernance locale: La delivrance de quatre biens publics dans trois communes nigeriennes
Olivier de Sardan Jean-Pierre
Feb 2012 French: Download (PDF 332Kb)
86c03118ee92ad928d907e0374e53abb_list APPP Working Paper 21
Local Governance: The delivery of four public goods in three municipalities of Niger
Olivier de Sardan, Jean-Pierre
Jun 2012 English: Download (PDF 193Kb)
14b62bed221bbcc103e2c75dbe225a03_list APPP Working Paper 20
Cotton Sector Reform in Mali: Explaining the Puzzles
Serra Renata
Jan 2012 English: Download (PDF 322Kb)
711151456de8a08e2035ed5bb7dff01e_list APPP Working Paper 19
Anti-developmental patrimonialism in Zimbabwe
Kelsall Tim; Dawson Martin
Nov 2011 English: Download (PDF 486Kb)
149d1d7244d4cdf2a49c5be4784e0e50_list APPP Working Paper 18
Working with the grain and swimming against the tide
Booth David
Apr 2011 English: Download (PDF 285Kb)
9cd9c4f18aad42c988ca311b8c52f271_list APPP Working Paper 17
Endogenous economic reforms and local realities: Cotton policy-making in Burkina Faso
Kaminski Jonathan; Serra Renata
Mar 2011 English: Download (PDF 1041Kb)
274c5704bbe30a761ce779ec4b15ed1d_list APPP Working Paper 16
Developmental patrimonialism? The case of Rwanda
Booth David; Golooba-Mutebi Frederick
Mar 2011 English: Download (PDF 907Kb)
8113c6c994db4be02175b305a6d34c0a_list APPP Working Paper 15
The politics of public goods provision in post-conflict Makeni, Sierra Leone
Workman Anna
Mar 2011 English: Download (PDF 964Kb)
Cce0f77bf54dbc5b61aac66c2d42d980_list APPP Working Paper 14
Popular concepts of justice & fairness in Ghana
Crook Richard
Oct 2010 English: Download (PDF 277Kb)
43bd05477f092421662d340025b77bcf_list APPP Working Paper 13
Towards a theory of local governance and public goods' provision in sub-Saharan Africa
Booth David
Aug 2010 English: Download (PDF 331Kb)
8d6e739e27791c78d346bdd315bff933_list APPP Working Paper 12
Developmental patrimonialism? The case of Malawi
Cammack Diana; Kelsall Tim; Booth David
Jul 2010 English: Download (PDF 369Kb)
305b0344057dfe1e2a6885f720d24482_list APPP Working Paper 11
Local Governance and public goods in Malawi
Cammack Diana; Kanyongolo Edge
Jul 2010 English: Download (PDF 507Kb)
11a98d9b1cba6eb094a15ae90233a771_list APPP Working Paper 10
Gouvernance locale et biens publics au Niger
Olivier de Sardan Jean-Pierre
Jul 2010 French: Download (PDF 268Kb)
B5b1bc028589793ecfa7f5b7df993a11_list APPP Working Paper 10
Local governance and public goods in Niger
Olivier de Sardan Jean-Pierre
Jul 2010 English: Download (PDF 255Kb)
01cda5135e3f5ea6fea9a956fce95008_list APPP Working Paper 9
Developmental patrimonialism
Kelsall Tim; Booth David
Jul 2010 English: Download (PDF 331Kb)
F0ff7bdbf80126a9252cf15238c6cbe1_list APPP Working Paper 8
Some evidence on the demand side of private-public goods provision by MPs
Lindberg Staffan I.
Feb 2010 English: Download (PDF 193Kb)
4fb7fbe6264f5b95bc03b8dca3bf4f64_list APPP Working Paper 7
Variations among MPs
Lindberg Staffan I.
Feb 2010 English: Download (PDF 153Kb)
42d4607354d92b92cce664ea0c46d9e8_list APPP Working Paper 6
Political accountability in Africa: is the glass half-ful or half-empty?
Hyden Goran
Jan 2010 English: Download (PDF 214Kb)
79fd08c68fa1d88046a65e225ae5e1f6_list APPP Working Paper 5
The role of private and collective goods in elections: evidence from Ghana
Weghorst Keith R. ; Lindberg Stafan I.
Dec 2009 English: Download (PDF 1036Kb)
C7cc310d880b30ce1659afb51f4f3c6f_list DRA Working Paper 4
How the international system hinders the consolidation of developmental regimes in Africa
David Booth and Frederick Golooba-Mutebi
Jan 2014 English: Download (PDF 435Kb)
E60ab55ec0714338241d8c4018c0922c_list APPP Working Paper 4
Les huit modes de gouvernance locale en Afrique de l'Ouest
de Sardan Jean-Pierre Olivier
Nov 2009 French: Download (PDF 742Kb)
Ef40416b2fbdbed4e39084f4d611c3c0_list APPP Working Paper 4
The Eight Modes of Local Governance in West Africa
de Sardan Jean-Pierre Olivier
Nov 2009 English: Download (PDF 375Kb)
Bda347fb4f4133d6145825efb3cabb3c_list APPP Working Paper 3
'Town Chiefs' in Malawi
Cammack Diana; Kanyongolo Edge; O'Neil Tam
Jun 2009 English: Download (PDF 860Kb)
01c24552bc757438545153ff32a4fd72_list DRA Working Paper 3
Developmental Ambitions in Indonesia and Nigeria
Ahmad Helmy Fuady
Jul 2013 English: Download (PDF 412Kb)
2257f7bdd4f4042f7edb1003e41a2b1b_list APPP Working Paper 2
Member of the Parliament of Ghana: a hybrid institution with mixed effects
Lindberg Staffan I.
May 2009 English: Download (PDF 441Kb)
Ea1d4f065d88a162cfafb2a25dcd214a_list DRA Working Paper 2
Sources of developmental ambition in Southeast Asia: Political interests and collective assumptions
David Henley
Jul 2013 English: Download (PDF 350Kb)
C0e447528351613dc52f0e06f8ec5d6c_list APPP Working Paper 1
Accountability: the core concept and its subtypes
Lindberg Staffan I.
Apr 2009 English: Download (PDF 369Kb)
D39dab32c74c1542ce2a8c20378a0a20_list DRA Working Paper 1
Economic growth and political succession: A study of two regions
Tim Kelsall
Jan 2013 English: Download (PDF 498Kb)
Oromia, Ethiopia - ODI, Antony Robbins