Local Justice

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APPP Local Justice Ghana ADR workshop summary report July 2011
Crook Richard
Oct 2011 English: Download (PDF 17Kb)
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DIIS International Conference on Access to Justice and Security
Dec 2010 English: Download (PDF 78Kb)
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IDLO International Conference on Legal and Judicial Development Assistance
Sep 2010 English: Download (PDF 52Kb)
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Local Justice workshop - press clippings Accra, Daily Graphic
May 2010 English: Download (PDF 365Kb)
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Justice Locale
Jan 2010 French: Download (PDF 107Kb)
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Local Justice
Dec 2009 English: Download (PDF 159Kb)
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The state and accessible justice in Africa: is Ghana unique?
Crook Richard
Nov 2011 English: Download (PDF 671Kb)
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Alternative dispute resolution and the Magistrate's Courts in Ghana
Crook C. Richard
Jul 2012 English: Download (PDF 177Kb)
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Popular concepts of justice & fairness in Ghana
Crook Richard
Oct 2010 English: Download (PDF 277Kb)
Schoolchildren, Ethiopia - ©ODI, Antony Robbins