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The video conference summary is now available:

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Preliminary programme

Day 1: Monday 12 December 2011
Venue: Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bezuidenhoutseweg 67, The Hague
09.00 hours Welcome with coffee
Chair of the morning session: former ambassador Bernard Berendsen
09.30 hours Opening of the conference by Mr. Rob Swartbol, Deputy Director-General for International Co-operation (MFA)
09.40 hours Presentation of the main findings of the project by David Henley (KITLV) and Jan Kees van Donge (ASC), heads of research of the project
10.30 hours First comments (to introduce the afternoon discussion) by David Booth (ODI) and ambassador Jan-Paul Dirkse (former director of development co-operation, MFA)
10.45 hours Coffee break
11.00 hours Speech by Ben Knapen, Dutch minister for Development Co-operation
11.30 hours Discussion of minister Knapen with the participants
12.00 hours End of the morning session
Lunch break.
During lunch Mrs. Blandina Kilama from Tanzania will present her Tracking Development
PhD research on government policy and agricultural development, comparing the cashew sector in
Vietnam and Tanzania. Start at 12.30 hours.
14.00 hours Start of afternoon session. Jan Kees van Donge (TD) will interview
  • H.E. Adesina Akinwumi, minister for Agriculture of Nigeria;

  • H.E. Ruud Treffers, Netherlands ambassador to the World Bank; and;

  • Prof.dr. Arie Kuyvenhoven, professor emeritus of development economics

15.00 hours Coffee break
15.30 hours Panel concerning the main issues of TD. Chair: Roel van der Veen, academic advisor MFA
The panel will include:
  • David Henley

  • Jan Kees van Donge

  • Milorad Kovacevic, UNDP

  • Seth Kaplan, fragile states expert

  • Sam Wangwe (REPOA)

  • Martin Koper, MFA

  • Martine van Hoogstraten, MFA

16.30 hours Reception (at the MFA)
If you are interested in the conference and you would like to participate, please contact Max Bueno de Mesquita: M.BuenodeMesquita@minbuza.nl
Day 2 & Day 3: by invitation only.