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Project Staff

André Leliveld   
Country Coordinator Uganda 
Telephone +31 (0)71 527 3396 
Fax +31 (0)71 527 3344 
E-mail leliveld@ascleiden.nl 
André Leliveld is an economist. His main research activities concentrate on livelihood security, risk management, social (in)security, and (micro-)insurance. In addition he is interested in the discussion on hiv/aids and development, and the role and activities of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in social and economic development.
Selected publications

  • Evaluation of the implementation of the sector-wide approach in Dutch bilateral aid; Country study Uganda. Research Report (draft), Leiden: ASC, November 2004.

  • The possibilities and constraints of strengthening local people’s social security practices: a case study from the Mbarara district, Uganda. Progress report on fieldwork, presenting the results of a base line survey in the villages Rwariire and Kyera, Mbarara district, 1999.

  • 'Trekarbeid naar Zuid-Afrika: het geval van Swaziland' [Migrant labour to South Africa: the case of Swaziland), in J.J.F. Heins and H.L.M. Kox (eds.), Migratie en Ontwikkeling [Migration and Development] (Amsterdam: Free University, 1998)104-20.

  • 'The effects of restrictive South African migrant labor policy on the survival of rural households in Southern Africa: a case study from rural Swaziland', World Development 25 (1997):1839-850.

  • 'The impact of labour migration on the Swazi rural homestead as solidarity group', Focaal 22/23 (1994):177-98.

  • Social security in developing countries; operation and dynamics of social security mechanisms in rural Swaziland. Amsterdam: Thesis Publishers, 1994.