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Project Staff

Akinyinka Akinyoade   
Country Coordinator Nigeria 
Telephone +31 (0)71 527 4064 
Fax +31 (0)71 527 3344 
E-mail Aakinyoade@ascleiden.nl 
Akinyinka Akinyoade first served the Nigerian government as a Population Statistician in two capacities - as Field Officer in charge of Enumeration Area Demarcation for the 1991 national census, and in the Research Department of the National Population Commission, Zone 6 HQ located in Oyo State in the period 1989 - 1999. He was later appointed a Lecturer at the Department of Sociology, University of Cape Coast (UCC) in Ghana. From 1999 to 2002, he taught Technical Demography, Population Health and Development, Statistics, and application of SPSS software at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. In addition to providing professional assistance as an Editor in the 5-year multi-round survey of the Demography Unit of the UCC, Akinyinka was involved in research activities on tertiary education and health at the national level in Ghana. He gained a Ford Foundation IFP scholarship to pursue a PhD degree programme at the Institute of Social Studies, in The Hague (2002-2007), where his thesis on 'Dynamics of Reproductive Behaviour in Rural Coastal Communities of Southern Ghana' has been accepted for submission, in readiness for publication. 
Selected publications

  • 'Confronting marginality: Ford Foundation International Fellowship Programme (IFP) and higher education in Nigeria', (co-author), in, a volume of case studies about the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Programme tentatively titled Origins, Journeys and Returns: The Story of the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program, (2007), forthcoming.

  • 'Institutional Power Dynamics: Sexual Corruption in Media Houses of Uganda', (co-author) Social Development Issues Journal, (Special Edition, 2007), forthcoming.

  • 'A Comparative Analysis of Contraceptive Use in Northwest and Southwest Nigeria', Ife PsychologIA Vol. 9 No. 1. pp.148-172 (2001).

  • 'Resources, Entitlements and Poverty-related Conflicts in Ghana', (co-author), State-of-the-art-study, Ghana (2001).

  • 'Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) and Tertiary Education in Ghana 1983-1999', (co-author), Report for the Structural Adjustment Programme Review Initiative (SAPRI). World Bank and Government of Ghana (2001).

  • 'A Comparative Study of Fertility Preference in Northwest and Southwest Nigeria', in Ife
    PsychologIA Vol. 7 No. 1. pp. 96-122 (1999).