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Ahmad Helmy Fuady   
PhD researcher 
E-mail hfuady@fmg.uva.nl 
Title PhD research: *Elites and economic policy-making in Indonesia and Nigeria.* Summary: Helmy's background is in economics and political science. His research examines the social, institutional, and ideological roots of successful economic policy-making in Indonesia, where there has been sustained growth since the late 1960s, and unsuccessful economic policy-making in Nigeria, where there has been little growth since the early 1970s. Helmy's research is based quite heavily on interviews with high-level policy-makers, of which he has already conducted more than twenty in Indonesia and intends to conduct a similar number in Nigeria later this year. His focus is on the 'technocratic' economists who served as ministers and advisors to Suharto, and on their counterparts and would-be counterparts in Nigeria. The results of the Indonesian part of his research confirm the 'rural bias' of development policy in the early New Order period, when industry was seen as playing a merely supportive role with respect to the agricultural sector. The liberal, deregulatory policies for which Indonesia later became known, and which made possible the boom in export-oriented industry in the 1990s, were not adopted until the mid-1980s. Tentatively, Helmy attributes the agriculture-based strategy of the early years to a strong personal commitment to rural development on the part of a few key decision-makers, particularly Suharto himself and the key technocrat Widjoyo Nitisastro.
Selected publications